Lightweight Muslin - Ideal for Summer Babies

Posted on January 17 2019

Soft, breathable, cool, and lightweight. 

All reasons why 100% cotton muslin and bamboo muslin are the ideal choices for babies during a hot sticky summer.

Large 120cm x 120cm wraps allow newborns to regulate body temperature when being swaddled to keep them feeling secure and help stop them waking from startle reflex, all while being gentle against baby's skin.

As babies grow they can be transitioned into soft cool single layer muslin sleeping bags ensuring baby sleeps soundly in warm / hot temperatures.

With so many different uses Muslin wraps are a versatile must have for your little one!

Swaddle baby, use it on the floor for tummy time, as a breathable privacy cover when breastfeeding or to keep out the sun on the pram.  Line a change table, use a bottom sheet or light blanket in the bassinet - the uses are endless!

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